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Advantages of Fiberglass Swimming Pools

  • Fiberglass swimming pool monoblock is produced in our factory as a single piece product and assembled in the field in a short time and presented to our customers.
  • Polyester material is a high-strength and long-lasting material against all kinds of natural conditions. This production technique, which minimizes various malfunctions in concrete pools, is offered to our customers as a result of the various stages described below.
  • Fiberglass is used in many sectors such as aircraft-space, automotive, energy, food, maritime-marine and tourism-entertainment for its long-lasting and easy-to-shape properties.
  • Fiberglass swimming pool prices, investment and operating costs are much lower than other pools.
  • Compared to reinforced concrete and Viny-Liner pools, the assembly time is much faster and the leakproofing  feature is higher.
  • It requires less cleaning and maintenance than other pools during use. Therefore, maintenance costs are also less.

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