How to Extend Your Pool Season

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How to Extend Your Pool Season

How to Maintain the Warmth of Your Pool

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Are you tired of the annual ritual of saying goodbye to your cherished swimming pool as the summer comes to an end? Do you yearn for a means to prolong the enjoyment of your pool well beyond the typical swimming season? If so, you’re in for a pleasant surprise! In this blog, we will explore several methods to maintain the warmth of your pool, allowing you to revel in your backyard haven long after the customary closing date has passed. So, get ready to discover the secrets to extending your pool season and relishing those refreshing dips well into the autumn months and even beyond!

Bringing the Warmth

Embarking on a journey towards perpetual pool bliss involves more than just the right swimsuit and a daring cannonball; it hinges on the art of achieving and sustaining that ideal water temperature. The key to making your pool into a year-round oasis lies in choosing the heating system that is best suited to your pool’s specific needs and your location. Join us as we explore a range of strategies to keep your pool warm and welcoming even when the bitter winter winds threaten to discourage your aquatic adventures as we go deeply into the subject of pool temperature management.

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Harnessing Solar Energy

Solar heating emerges as the brightest star in the field of controlling aquatic temperature when it comes to extending your pool season without breaking the bank or affecting the environment. Utilizing the limitless power of the sun, this ground-breaking technique offers three various ways to raise the temperature of your pool: solar covers and rings, liquid solar covers, and dedicated solar heaters. All of these methods use the sun’s radiant heat to warm your pool, but each one has special qualities that set it apart in terms of performance and efficiency.

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Solar Covers: Not Your Ordinary Bubble Wrap

You might have puzzled why anyone would want to cover their pool with such an unusual material if you’ve ever walked past a pool that was covered with what looked like enormous sheets of bubble wrap. Well, those interesting bubbles are neither for popping nor did they appear by chance. Solar pool coverings, which strangely resemble bubble wrap, are actually essential for preserving your pool’s temperature and energy effectiveness.


Imagine this: a solar pool cover that simulates a sea of bubbles over a pool surface. Although it may appear strange, each bubble has an important job to complete. These solar coverings serve as a shield, keeping watch between the pool water and the sun’s unrelenting barrage of potent UV radiation. These bubbles, however, are more than just decorative; they are essential to the energy-saving process.

Those unassuming bubbles, drifting elegantly on the pool’s surface, come to life as the sun’s rays strike the solar cover. Their purpose is to take up and store the heat energy from the sun. The water in the pool is then heated up gradually by the solar heat that was captured, which was then transferred into the water below. In fact, a properly kept sun cover can increase the temperature of your pool by up to 10°F, transforming it into a cozy haven.


Additionally, solar covers provide a remarkable benefit by drastically reducing pool water evaporation, achieving an astounding reduction of up to 95%. This amazing achievement is made possible by creating a strong screen that prevents the sun from directly entering the water.


Solar pool covers aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution; they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and even hues, making it possible to find the ideal match for pools of all sizes and aesthetic preferences. When they come with a convenient reel, they are exceptionally simple to install and remove, making them a hassle-free addition to your usual pool care.

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Solar Rings: Your Circular Allies for Solar-Powered Pool Heating:

These broad, circular discs, which are made of sturdy UV-resistant vinyl, work similarly to their solar cover counterparts by absorbing solar warmth and serving as a strong barrier against the sun’s damaging UV rays. A smart system of clips surrounds the perimeter of each solar ring, which has an astonishing 5-foot diameter and allows for simple attachment to adjacent rings. With this ground-breaking feature, you have the freedom to connect as many rings as you need to achieve complete coverage of your pool, ensuring that your swimming haven receives the best solar heating possible.

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Solar Heaters: Sustainable, Economical Pool Season Prolongation

Solar heating emerges as a planet-friendly and budget-conscious choice for extending the joy of your pool season, and it shines particularly bright for those who own above-ground pools. This system harnesses the boundless energy of the sun to warm your pool water, presenting a sustainable and environmentally responsible alternative to conventional heating methods.


The tough solar panels that are often mounted on your roof or positioned purposefully on the ground next to your pool are the heart of solar heating. These panels serve as assiduous sun catchers, capturing the sun’s abundant warmth and dispersing it directly into the water of your pool. Solar heating may require a somewhat larger initial investment than other heating methods, but its long-term advantages are outstanding.


The simplicity of solar heating’s operation is one of its significant advantages. After installation, this system runs on its own, using the sun’s energy to gradually warm your pool. It also requires little care and normally has a long lifespan. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the efficiency of solar heating depends on the availability of sunshine, which may be reduced during cloudy or winter months. It is wise to think about installing an additional heating system, like a heat pump or gas heater, to help minimize this restriction and guarantee a constant, comfortable water temperature all year round. This clever feature acts as a dependable fallback, taking over when solar heating would be less effective, and ensuring a year-round pool pleasure.

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Liquid Solar Cover: An Ingenious Solution for Heat Retention and Evaporation Control

Introducing the liquid solar cover, a cutting-edge chemical formulation designed to create a delicate yet effective barrier on the surface of your pool water. Its primary mission: to harness the power of heat retention while battling the relentless enemy of evaporation. While it may not quite match the thermal proficiency of a conventional solid solar cover, this product showcases its own impressive capabilities, notably slashing evaporation rates by as much as 50%. Moreover, it serves as a guardian for your pool’s chemical composition, keeping precious substances like chlorine safe from unnecessary loss.

The simplicity and usability of the liquid solar cover are what give it its appeal. There are no bulky sheets to spread or take down. Nothing fancy installed. Instead, all you need to do is add the advised amount of this cutting-edge liquid to the pool’s skimmer once a week, and then sit back and watch the magic happen.

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Pool Heaters: Your Key to Year-Round Comfort

When it comes to ensuring that your pool remains a haven of comfort and warmth, few solutions can rival the efficiency and reliability offered by gas pool heaters and electric heat pumps. These two formidable options are your trusted companions for maintaining an inviting water temperature, especially when the mercury begins to dip.


Particularly in areas that are prone to cold weather or when you need a quick boost in water temperature, a gas pool heater is a steadfast ally. These heaters function with amazing dependability and efficiency and produce the essential heat through the combustion of either natural gas or propane. One of their amazing qualities is their capacity to raise the temperature of your pool by a startling 30°F, making sure that even when the outside air feels chilly, your pool stays a warm haven.


One of the most notable benefits of gas heaters is their adaptability. These heaters are a wonderful option for year-round pool enjoyment because of their extraordinary ability to maintain a constant water temperature regardless of the prevailing environmental conditions. Additionally, compared to other heating options, gas heaters frequently have a cheaper initial expenditure, making them more accessible to a wider range of pool owners.

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Heat Pumps: Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective Pool Heating

By using a special technique, heat pumps collect heat from the air around them and transfer it to the water in your pool. Heat pumps function using electricity as opposed to gas heaters, which rely on burning fuel to produce heat, and have a number of benefits in terms of cost-effectiveness, environmental impact, and energy efficiency. They also have the advantage of requiring little maintenance and being relatively simple to install.


It’s also crucial to keep in mind that, in comparison to conventional pool heaters, heat pumps do have some restrictions. Their effectiveness is somewhat climatically reliant, performing best in areas where temperatures typically remain over 50°F. This is because heat pumps use the surrounding air to generate heat, and their heating powers degrade when the temperature drops below a certain level.


With the array of solutions offered by Nachman Pools, you can extend your pool season and enjoy your pool for a longer period of time. Whether you opt for a solar cover, a heat pump, or a heater, a multitude of possibilities await you, ensuring that your pool remains a source of joy well past the typical summer season!

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