6 Things You Must Consider Before Buying an Inground Pool

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6 Things You Must Consider Before Buying an Inground Pool

Before buying an inground pool, you should carefully consider the costs. Inground pools can cost $50,000 or more, while an above-ground one is considerably less. The bare minimum price for an inground swimming pool is $20,000, although some models cost as much as $100,000. Inground pools can be a great addition to any backyard, as they are easy to install and maintain. Before you buy an inground swimming pool, you should check with your local zoning authorities to make sure that it will not violate any zoning laws.

Pool Lighting

Adding lighting to your inground pool is an attractive option and can also help protect the pool area. LEDs and fiber optics are energy-efficient and can be controlled with a cell phone. Depending on the features you want, these lights can cost from $100 to $300 per 50-watt light. Although lighting can be added after your pool is installed, it is best to install it at the same time as the pool. If you want to have a light show around the swimming area at night, you can install energy-efficient lights.

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Adding a fence

Adding a fence is another important feature to consider. While fences are optional, they do increase the cost of a swimming pool. However, they are not illegal, and cannot be removed by law. If you want to add a fence to your pool, make sure that it isn’t attached to the house. This will add more to the cost of your pool. After all, it’s part of the installation process.


When it comes to maintenance, an inground pool can add a great deal to the property’s value. Even if you decide to use a professional in the installation process, regular cleaning and care will keep it in top shape. Regardless of whether you choose a do-it-yourself project or hire a contractor, you’ll still need to pay a minimum of $250 a month in maintenance costs. The cost for inground pools depends on the size, shape, and materials used.

Fiberglass pools are the most affordable and easiest to install, but they can be expensive. A fiberglass pool shell is similar to that of a hot tub, so it is manufactured before installation. The material used is gelcoat, which helps prevent algae from growing. Besides, fiberglass pools are low-maintenance, so you’ll need to maintain them less than an above-ground pool. The average price for an inground pool is five to ten times that of an above-ground model.

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An inground pool may be the best choice for your home. However, if you’re looking for a pool that will last for decades, you should spend a bit more money. The cost of labor can vary greatly, so it’s important to consider how much you can afford before you make the final purchase. A large inground swimming pool can cost as much as $4,000 if not more. If you have limited funds, you’ll need to find a cheaper above-ground swimming pool.


The average inground swimming pool is fourteen feet by twenty-eight feet, and is one of the largest inground pools in the U.S. This size can fit any backyard. Compared to other inground swimming pools, concrete pools can fit into any yard. You may also want to consider a plunge pool if you have limited space. It is a small, cold-water pool that is ideal for kids and athletes. If you’re looking to install a pool in a small yard, a plunge pool is a great solution.

Style and Design

Before choosing an inground swimming pool, it is essential to determine the style and design of the pool you’re planning to install. Considering how you plan to use it and how large your backyard is will help you narrow down your options. An inground pool can look very nice on the outside, but the added landscaping will make it look like an after-thought. You can choose between a family pool and a party pool, so take your time to decide.

Finding a contractor

Before purchasing an inground swimming pool, contact at least three contractors in your area. You can compare their prices and find the right one for your budget and needs. Remember, finding a good contractor will make the whole process a lot easier. Inground swimming pools are extremely versatile and durable. When you select a company to build your pool, don’t be afraid to ask questions and visit them in person to get the best prices. Aside from knowing the type of materials they use, you can also discuss the features that you want in your inground pool.

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