Permit Process

Permit Process

What should you expect during the permit process?  It is in our hands, mostly that is!

Prior to installing a fiberglass pool project with Nachman Pools please bear in mind every town, city county requires a pool permit to be completed and processed.  Fortunately, you will have the pleasure to have Nachman Pools to help complete this process for you.  But several items need to be handled by you prior to us starting this process so things can move as quickly as possible.

Step 1

As soon as you begin to think about a swimming poll project try to get your hands on you survey to your property.  Usually, you can find this with your mortgage papers if not there check with your Land Records Division they sometimes have a copy on file.  Currently 50 percent of towns and cities require a more detailed survey called a Grading plan. These types of surveys give the town or county additional information such as elevations and water runoff. This is utilized to prevent building to high and directing the flow of water to adjoining neighbors’ properties. These types of surveys if required must be done by a licensed engineer in the state you reside in. If a Grading Plan is needed this will cost, you on the average between 1000 and 2500 depending on the engineer and could take approximately 2 weeks or longer to complete.

Please get your variance and setback guidelines prior to beginning choosing your pool and figuring out where you want to place it, as it may change your options. A variance is needed when either you exceed the city or county allowable impervious ground coverage or there just is not enough room to install the pool of your dreams with the required setbacks.  Say for example you have a 50’ wide backyard and the setbacks are 10’ from the sides and rear.  This means you have 20ft of setbacks, ten on the left and ten on the right side. With this information we will know the largest pool you can have put in without a variance is a 30’ pool.  Now you must make a choice.  You wanted a 34’ pool but you can only do our 30’ pool.  You can either apply for a variance which will hold the process up a minimum of 2 months, or you can put in the 30’ pool with no problems.  Also call Miss Utility this is free and allows you to know any problems underground that can affect the placement of your pool.

Step 2

All city and towns require that a permanent fence be installed if one is currently not in place.  If you do have a fence you need to make sure it is pool code, and the correct locking mechanism is in place.  If you do not have a fence in place, we recommend contacting local fence company to get pricing and define the style of fence you would like, so we can include it on the pool permit request. This information must be included on your pool permit request.  Some towns require a fence permit to be included in the permit package however some just allow us to include the company name of the fence contractor, address of the contractor, phone number, price of the fence.  Type and Height of the fence to be installed and their home improvement contractors License number.  If a fence permit is required, you need to have the fence contractor fill out the fence permit form bring it to us so we can include it in our permit application. 

How long will my permit process take?

Once we have everything in hand it takes us approximately 2 days to get the application completed and sent out for approval.  Noe the rest is in the hands of your local government

Please remember if you have a homeowner’s association you will need to find out their requirements as well and fit their application process in the plan.

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