Automatic Pool Cover

Automatic Pool Cover

Automatic Covering for Swimming Pools

You may want to think about the automatic pool cover if you want a cover for your pool that has even more bells and whistles than the hybrid cover. This cover can be fashioned out of solid material, mesh material, or a hybrid material to provide the precise level of protection you require while automatically rolling out or retracting at the push of a button. The track that the cover runs on can either be above the pool or recessed below the edge of the pool deck.

Advantages of Automatic Covers:

This option is considered to be the most aesthetically beautiful by far and is easy to use thanks to automatic push-button control.

Disadvantages of Automatic Covers:

This is by far the most expensive choice, and if an issue arises, it typically requires a lengthy and expensive repair. Once placed, it is also tough to remove, so before buying, you should make sure you are ready to commit to an automated cover for many years.

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