Fiberglass Pool Installation

Nachman Fiberglass Pools offer two types of installations.

Turn Key Installation – Installation Option #1

The first option is a full turn key installation where we take care of everything from start to finish on your pool project. Our standard turn key pricing includes 3 feet of brushed concrete decking and a basic equipment package. This installation can be accomplished in about a week from start to finish and you will be ready to swim.

DIY (Drop and Set) Installation – Installation Option #2

The other option is the DIY approach, which we call a drop and set install. Basically you can act as your own GC on the job. You will be responsible for contracting and scheduling a few additional contractors besides Nachman, or you can do the work yourself. Basically you will be responsible for the excavation, the concrete and the electrical. Nachman Fiberglass Pools will still set the pool, level the pool, place and hook up the pool equipment, and backfill the pool to the point of stability. This approach is not for everyone, but is by no means complicated. It is a great way to save some money on the cost of installation by simply being responsible for scheduling and contracting a few subcontractors direct. You can even shop the subcontractors against each other to get the best price.

Our factory representatives and independent dealers will be more than happy to spend the time with you to ensure you understand everything from start to finish! Contact us today to discuss in detail which approach might be right for your pool project.

Here are installation steps  from start to finish

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