Pool Inspections

Pool Inspection

Our pool inspection services will provide you with all the information you may require regarding the operation and functionality of all your pool equipment. Both home and commercial swimming pools are subject to our pool inspection services. Schedule a pool inspection with Nachman Pool Services if you want a qualified pool contractor’s professional and knowledgeable assessment.

We can conduct an examination of any pool, spa, hot tub, or combination of these on the property and let you know if there are any problems you need to be aware of. An wonderful place to organize parties and small gatherings is indeed a backyard pool. Swimming is a delightful activity that makes unforgettable memories. It is a fact that the general state of a hot tub, spa, or pool cannot be accurately assessed by simply glancing at it.

Comprehensive Pool Inspection Process

Our staff is qualified and experienced to evaluate swimming pools, hot tubs, and spas’ water features properly. With our trustworthy evaluations, we help you feel at peace. We take notes and include them in our printed report as we evaluate the pool or hot tub’s condition and flag areas that require attention.

Pool Inspection Steps

  • Pool Body – This includes the coping around the pool (open joints, cracking), the state of the pool and deck’s surface (cracks, discolouration, and pitting). For safety purposes, anti-vortex covers are checked for on drains.
  • Pool Enclosure – Fences, gates, screen enclosure, the vicinity of electrical cables, the positioning relative to the house, and the placement of electrical outlets are all included in the pool enclosure.
  • Electrical – This entails checking the lights in the pool or spa, the presence of GFCIs, the condition and location of junction boxes, pumps, filters, piping, timers, disconnects, heaters, controls, accessories, and skimmers. It also includes making sure that the proper electrical bonding is in place.
  • Pumps/Heaters/Filters/Blowers – This refers to the pump’s operation, checking for leaks, appropriate skimming and filtration, activating the heater, regulating filter pressure, and running the spa blower.

Maintenance Plans


Detailed Inspection Reports


Comprehensive Inspection Process

Please take note that the pool must be open and in use when the inspection takes place. As a result, pool inspections are often only performed during the summer.

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