How To Winterize a Pool : Step by Step Guide

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How To Winterize a Pool : Step by Step Guide

By winterizing your pool, you can help protect your pool from weather related damage while it’s not in use.

It’s That Time of The Year Again.

We have enjoyed the pool all summer and sadly the evenings are getting cold, and the days are not warming up like they do during the summertime to let the pool have a rest and hibernate for the winter.  So, let’s go over a few things so you can winterize the pool correct and have it ready for you next spring.

Pool Chemicals

Your pool and even the chemicals you use are made to be used during the summer and we need to have the pool ready before any thing freezes. It is important that you prepare the pool surface, water, chemicals, all pumps, filters, heaters, and other equipment where water flows for the winter months.

When Should I Winterize My Pool?

This answer will depend on where you live but the answer is the same close your outdoor pool before the outside temperature drops below freezing.  This includes pools with solar heat or an electric heat pump as they are not made to work in cold temperatures.

If you have a gas or propane heater you can keep the pool open year-round but remember it will cost, as nothing can be allowed to freeze.


The following are the basic steps to winterizing your pool:

  1. Remove all accessories, toys, and any non-essential equipment.  Even ladders and water features if can be removed should be so they are not damaged by the elements.
  2. Thoroughly clean your pool. The surface should have all debris cleaned and either vacuum or run the cleaning robot, so everything is out.  Anything left behind that is biodegradable or will decompose will cause stains on the pool surface and you do not want those surprises next spring.
  3. Now it is time to brush, shock and sanitize the pool water thoroughly. Run the pool pump for 24 hours to allow the shock and sanitizing chemicals to be able to clean every part of the pool.
  4. Now it is time to either drain or lower the water in your pool, remember a fiberglass pool should NEVER be completely drained.  All you need to do is lower the water below the skimmer line. This will protect vital components in your fiberglass pool.  You can get a special tool to keep the water out of the skimmer.
  5. Now that you have lowered the water below the skimmer line you will need to remove all the plugs and water from the pump and filter system. And we mean everything this includes any water, heat pumps, decorative water features, primary pumps, and filters.  Make sure you put the plugs in a safe place so you can re-attach them next spring.
  6. Now blow out all the pools plumbing lines, usually with an air compressor and plug all the lines.
  7. Time to cover and secure the pool make sure you place the cover pump in the center to be able to remove any water that accumulates.
  8. You may use pool covers as well.

Common Mistakes

Do not make these common mistakes that happen when winterizing a pool;

  1. Don’t forget to clean your salt generator, otherwise you may be buying a new one next spring.
  2. Blow out the heater lines, remember we said everything.
  3. Clean your filter.
  4. Turn off any electrical components.  Make sure if you use a timer that has been disabled first you do not want to waste electricity or risk damage to any things left on after you have winterized the pool.

Remember your pool is a huge investment meant to last for years and proper pool maintenance will be the number one thing to help you achieve that goal when in doubt get a professional to help.


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