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Pool Cover Guide

We provide many possibilities, whether you already have a pool or you have intentions to build a new one. We make it simple for your pool to benefit from an automatic pool cover, regardless of its design, from vinyl lined and vanishing edge pools to distinctive construction and everything else in between.

Covers for your pools that will be constructed soon

No matter what the size or shape of your pool is, every Nachman pool cover is custom manufactured to fit it. To improve the beauty of your pool, we may offer you a selection of deck designs and other features. This way you will have the chance to have a pool that is perfectly customized for you and your family.

Mechanisms and Motors

Our mechanisms and motors are the most durable ones on the market right now. Besides them being the toughest out there, they are only offered by Nachman Pool Cover. With the help of our durable motors and mechanisms, once you pay for it during the constructions, you won’t have to pay again for a new motor in the future.

Tracking Devices

Our distinctive track systems are made to accommodate practically any pool shape or structure. No matter the size or kind of your pool, our tracking devices will fit it properly and help you have the best summer with your family in Maryland.


For dependable pool protection, pick either our unique laminated Quad-CoreTM fabric or coated Pro-CoatTM fabric. When you aren’t using the pool throughout the winter, they not only provide dependable protection but also a stylish appearance.


It only takes a few keystrokes or button presses to open or close your automatic Nachman Pool cover. You’ll have more time because the automatic cover will do all the physical labor for you. You won’t have to deal with any of the physical strain that comes with not having an automatic pool cover by just pressing a button or turning a key on our Nachman Pool cover.

The dream pool in your Maryland sanctuary can be safeguarded with the assistance of a Nachman Pool cover installer. It’s the ideal time to include an automatic pool cover in your new pool construction if you’re thinking about doing so.

We pay close attention to every detail

In order to preserve the aesthetic appeal of your backyard hideaway without sacrificing the safety advantages, Nachman Pool Cover offers a variety of design alternatives. Once you have a Nachman automated pool cover, you will enjoy its stylish design and secure operation. We created our technology to make it easy for pool builders to incorporate the automated cover into your pool design. Your builder may easily make a lid that integrates with the pool’s deck elements thanks to custom deck lid brackets. We also provide the extended lid option, which enables concealment of the leading edge of the retracted cover.

Covers for your existing pool

The Nachman Pool Cover offers an automatic cover with a track system that can be used with your existing pool if you are not planning to build a new one. Low-profile SnapTop™ deck-mounted tracks can be used to guide the automatic pool cover over your already-existing pools. Either the machinery is housed above the deck or is recessed beneath the deck.

The motor and mechanism are perfectly hidden by the Everlast Bench

The Cover-Pools Everlast bench is a simple and elegant housing that may be used to conceal the mechanism when it is positioned on the deck surface. With the help of this package, you may cover your mechanism in an easy, long-lasting, and low-maintenance manner. For usage with wood or other materials that you may buy locally, Cover-Pools sells metal bench frames. The frames could serve as the framework for a special bench that your contractor or dealer builds. Your motor and mechanical system can be concealed in the most stylish way possible with the Everlast Bench provided by Nachman Pool Cover. This kit will spare you additional effort in maintenance while perfectly covering the mechanism.

Discreetly conceal and guard the pool cover’s mechanism

When building is possible, placing the mechanism in an enclosure that is recessed below the deck’s surface will give it a more streamlined appearance. The mechanism can still be recessed if there is space to cut into the deck of your existing pool, even though this option functions best if selected before the construction. This simply implies that, if room is available, you can always conceal and protect your pool cover mechanism. To produce a more seamless appearance, Nachman Pool Cover offers a range of lid alternatives to cover the recessed mechanism.

Spa and swim spa covers

Spa and swim spa covers have a mechanical mechanism that is more compact with its 13 feet maximum track space and with 8.5”x7.75” proportions but still provides the same safety and energy-saving advantages as a full-size automated pool cover. These covers will offer you the same service as the full-size automatic pool covers, despite the fact that the system is different.

The spa cover is practical for daily use and eliminates any potential evaporation of heat and water. When used in place of pricey dehumidification equipment, it works especially effectively for indoor swim spas.

  • Decreases the area needed for an automatic cover system
  • Applicable to swim spas, small pools, and both above- and below-ground spas.
  • Offers simple access and security at the push of a button.

There is no need to wrestle with any heavy coverings when using your keypad or turning a key to access your spa; the AutoSave spa cover retracts to show inviting water. The spa may be covered just as effortlessly after you’ve finished using it.

AutoSave™ Standard Components

  • For a small or constrained installation, a tiny anodized mechanism with a unique offset motor is available
  • Waterproof, 120 volt, small electric motor with 16 horsepower
  • Motor can be positioned on either the left or right side, and it can be affixed above or below the mechanism
  • A three-wire key switch that is weatherproof
  • UndersideTM track or SnapTopTM track with a covert mounting system (available through certain dealers)
  • Glider (no wheels on the deck)
  • Available options include conventional aluminum lids, mechanism end covers, and bench brackets for unique benches
  • Exclusive QuadCoreTM reinforced premium-grade vinyl
  • Automatic pump for removing water
  • Conforms to applicable standards of ASTM safety standard F1346-91 and is UL Listed (Classified Product)
  • Manual pool cover

Due to the absence of cumbersome straps, sandbags, and anchors, the StepSaver® manual cover is practical enough for everyday usage. With the same advantages as our automated cover and a cost that’s roughly half as much, it’s a cost-effective substitute. As with our automatic cover, the manual method guides the fabric along your pool using the same track.

Original Turn Handle

Retracting the pool cover on a regular-sized pool is easier with our regular turn handle method than it is with “anchor” type covers, and you also get to save some extra time.

Additional Customization

Your custom-made Step-Saver® manual pool cover system is a cost-effective alternative to an automatic pool cover. Don’t worry if you can’t afford an automated Nachman pool cover. You won’t go over your budget with our Step-Saver® manual pool cover while still having an easy-to-use setup. Each Step-Saver system comes with a set of standard parts, but we also provide a wide range of optional parts for further customization.

Power Wheel™

The Power Wheel option offered by Nachman Pool Cover makes it easier to remove the cover by enabling you to uncover the pool with both your legs and arms. With this choice, operation is also possible inside a recessed housing.

Customized Fabric Colors

To complement your pool’s decor, our quality special order vinyl is offered in a variety of unique shades. If your preferred color is not shown, speak with your dealer to request extra color optStandard StepSaver® parts. To suit your aesthetic needs and discover your ideal shade, our dealers are at your disposal.

  • Manual roller with handle that turns
  • Ropes for removing attached covers
  • Universal track
  • Wheels
  • Exclusive QuadCore™ reinforced premium-grade vinyl
  • Pump for automatic water removal
  • Conforms to applicable standards of ASTM safety standard F1346-91 and is UL Listed (Classified Product)
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