Top 8 Pool Deck & Patio Design Concepts

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Top 8 Pool Deck & Patio Design Concepts

Looking for pool deck inspiration for your outdoor sanctuary?

Although adding a pool and deck area to a property requires a large expenditure, the advantages are indisputable. Your outdoor leisure activities are defined by your patio. A patio, a crucial component of the poolscape, can be used for a seemingly endless number of activities, such as tanning, dining, socializing, unwinding, playing games, and more. The patio design around your swimming pool should compliment your way of life as well as the design of your home and pool.

View these featured pool patio designs below to get inspiration for designing your ideal poolside living area.

  1. Sun Deck

A patio with a sun deck is intended for easy poolside leisure. After a swim in the pool, you can relax, cool off, and enjoy the sunshine there. A sun deck, which is situated around the swimming pool, can take on the look and feel of a luxurious hotel or resort when it is dotted with rows of chic outdoor chaise lounges.

Another patio design that is great for poolside relaxation is an in-pool sun deck, sometimes known as a tanning shelf. A broad shallow region, usually 5 to 8 inches deep, called a tanning shelf is located near the pool’s entrance. It may cover the entire pool’s width or only a portion of it.

  1. Bistro Patio

For those who want a quiet place to unwind and take in the view or who have smaller backyards, a bistro patio is ideal.

As seen in the image above, this little patio design, which comprises of a bistro table and two seats, can be attached to the pool area or separated by a narrow walkway.

A bistro patio design works well in both small and big environments, but it is especially well suited for pool areas with limited space. Every corner creates a more cozy mood and provides a distinctive view of the surroundings. Summer nights spent outside with a bonfire have a warm feel.

  1. Garden Oasis

A garden oasis is an alternative to the conversation-style patio design that tries to enhance the pool’s surrounding environment. Few seating areas are present; instead, the area is filled with lush vegetation and other natural elements. A garden oasis design frequently gives off an out-of-home vibe.

You can transform your patio into a tranquil retreat where your troubles dissipate by encircling the pool in vibrant blooms and thriving plantings. A water feature, such as a bubbling fountain or waterfall, might be added to the space to add the calming sound of water cascading.

Decorative planters or containers may transform even the most basic pool patio into a garden retreat. The lovely planters that flank this formal pool design provide the area visual character and serve as an anchor.

  1. Covered Patio

You can relax by the pool on a covered patio without getting too much sun. It provides a cozy outdoor living area, particularly for pools that are farther away from the house.

A covered patio can be a place to unwind, entertain, or take in the shade and can range from a curtained cabana to a wooden pergola to a specially constructed pavilion like the one shown above.

The pergola-enclosed poolside loggia (above), which is surrounded by two stone structures, provides sunbathers with a cool respite from the heat. A handy place to change is provided by the fieldstone cabana on the right, which also has outdoor showers built into the outer wall.

  1. Outdoor Room

The conveniences and comforts of your favorite inside space are brought directly to your poolscape by outdoor room patio designs. The ideal location for gathering with loved ones and friends is an outdoor living room.

For the design of this comfortable indoor-outdoor space, deep-seated patio furniture and a custom fireplace are crucial.

For pool owners who frequently eat outside on the patio, having an outdoor dining area is essential. A dining set for the outdoors with a table big enough to seat visitors and family members at outdoor gatherings is what makes an outdoor room successful.

An outdoor kitchen will make bringing food to the table simple as pie and also enhance the decor of an outdoor dining area. The gourmet outdoor kitchen shown above also features an outdoor TV that guests can watch while visiting the adjacent swim-up bar.

  1. Backyard Retreat

A backyard retreat patio design is the peak of poolside living and can accommodate any number of outdoor activities, including dining al fresco, hosting guests, and sunbathing.

Even though this expansive poolside setting can easily accommodate many people for a summer BBQ, it nevertheless seems cozy when only family is present.

It’s crucial to take your lifestyle needs into account when planning your pool and patio. Do you desire an elaborate resort for family entertainment and big parties or a basic backyard oasis for relaxation and simple social event with family and friends?

  1. Using Modern Materials

Wood pool deck is excellent for converting modest spaces in modern garden design, especially roof terraces, balconies, and courtyards. Real wood can give the impression of an expanded living space by providing a smooth connection between your interior and exterior, especially if the flooring materials are compatible.

With so many options for materials, this is where things may get pricey, so it’s crucial to think about your budget to prevent expenditures from getting out of hand.

Since water can collect in the ridges of ridged designs, smooth deck alternatives are the greatest option if you want something that is simple to maintain. However, you will still need to oil them frequently to keep them protected from the elements and to preserve their color.

  1. Updating Outdoor Furniture

Above all else, you should furnish your pool deck with comfy furniture. Your swimming pool should be furnished to reflect the fact that it is primarily a place of enjoyment and relaxation.

Before buying any furniture, give it a thorough test. Does it make you want to take a dosage outside when you recline on it, or does it dig painfully into your side? Does it allow you to relax while reading a book or drinking?

You might want some furniture that is only functional, in addition to comfy furniture. You should think about the overall style you’re striving for after determining whether you have areas where people can dine comfortably and whether your furniture is simple to clean.




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