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Backyard Swimming Pools 4 Ways To Have More Fun

#1 Water Games

Your backyard oasis needs to have water games! The best accessory to your pool is a playful game that can entertain the family for hours. Water games, like a floating beer pong table, can be played with juice for the kids and beer for mom and dad. Rest assured, your family and friends will have a blast with a volleyball game set​ or a basketball set that will allow for hours of competitive and playful fun. Water games are perfect for birthday parties, family quarantine time and anytime you have friends over..

#2 Pool Loungers

Pool Loungers,  best to invest in something that you can use for your home vacations. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, all super unique to fit what you need. You’ll love loungers for the days you want to read while floating or basking in the sun. They are fabulous for relaxing and can be  something you can experience alone or with the family. According to Consumer Reports 2020, they reported, the number two pool lounger is the Intex Floating Recliner, it comes with a cup holder for those extremely yummy, refreshing Pina Coladas! You can always get an inexpensive one

but it would be best to invest something that can wear your year-round vacations.

#3 Backyard Grill

Everyone knows that a grill is essential in any type of home. Suns out Buns out! We love big buns with big and juicy grilled burgers around these parts! You can pair any of our Fiberglass Pools​ with Saber Grills and end with a beautiful duo. It is a great way to feed the family, and you can try out different recipes and experience a different culture. We checked out the grilled Hawaiian teriyaki chicken skewers​ on Pinterest; they look so yummy and mouth-watering. No idea where to start, take a moment to use Pinterest to find different types of recipes for your new grill! Feel free to look through our gallery ​to find more inspiration on your back yard oasis.

#4 Fire Pit

When the sun sets and the night is still young, the best way to end the night is roasting smores over a fire pit. That’s right, a fire pit! The best part of those cool summer nights is standing over a fire to stay warm while indulging in the best campfire desserts. With the pit, which can be a DIY project or purchased, you can have a year-round experience even in the winter months! Gatherings that will create memorable, cozy experiences for the kids, the pit will serve many purposes, and great stories will be told around it. Place your fire pit near your pool so at night the kids can dry off and enjoy delicious smores!

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Advantages of Fiberglass Swimming Pools

  • Fiberglass swimming pool monoblock is produced in our factory as a single piece product and assembled in the field in a short time and presented to our customers.
  • Polyester material is a high-strength and long-lasting material against all kinds of natural conditions. This production technique, which minimizes various malfunctions in concrete pools, is offered to our customers as a result of the various stages described below.
  • Fiberglass is used in many sectors such as aircraft-space, automotive, energy, food, maritime-marine and tourism-entertainment for its long-lasting and easy-to-shape properties.
  • Fiberglass swimming pool prices, investment and operating costs are much lower than other pools.
  • Compared to reinforced concrete and Viny-Liner pools, the assembly time is much faster and the leakproofing  feature is higher.
  • It requires less cleaning and maintenance than other pools during use. Therefore, maintenance costs are also less.

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