Would it be a good idea to install an automatic pool cover?

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Would it be a good idea to install an automatic pool cover?

Would it be a good idea to install an automatic pool cover?

In this particular article, our attention will not be directed towards fiberglass pools, but rather towards an additional feature that can greatly assist in both the upkeep and safety aspects of pool maintenance. Finding a reputable automatic pool cover is a must while looking for a pool for the family. As a supplier of these pool covers at the moment in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC, we have the opportunity to hear from a variety of clients. We strive to give you a thorough summary of the benefits and drawbacks of owning an automatic pool cover by drawing on their experiences and our own knowledge. You may decide whether this selection is the best fit for your needs and interests by carefully reviewing this wide collection.

Automatic Pool Covers: What Are They?

An automated pool cover is a device that makes it easier to open and close pool covers by using a physical key that is conveniently located near the pool or a 4-digit pin on a keypad. Depending on the size of the pool, the cover’s operation lasts between 45 and 120 seconds, depending on whether it is opening or closing. When completely closed, the pool cover takes on a thick, smooth surface that resembles a massive waterbed in both texture and look. The cover is cleverly made to roll up into a container that is normally positioned at the deep end of the pool, guaranteeing a perfect fit with the surroundings.

What Are Automatic Pool Covers?

The astonishing addition of an automatic pool cover makes it much easier to open and close the cover on your pool. A physical key that has been placed deliberately close to the pool or a 4-digit pin on a keypad are the only two ways to operate this practical system. Depending on the size of your pool, the cover opens and closes in a time that normally ranges from 45 to 120 seconds, assuring a quick and effective operation. When the pool cover is completely closed, it not only offers a strong layer of protection but also creates a remarkable visual allusion to a huge waterbed, compelling in both its feel and appearance.

What Are the Advantages of Automatic Pool Covers?

  •  Safety – A vital safety aspect offered by automatic pool covers is that they are especially useful in homes with kids and pets. The normal weight capacity of these covers is 2000 lbs, resulting in a strong barrier that keeps everyone safe. While it is not advised to walk on the cover, doing so offers a unique sensation akin to walking on a waterbed. Since the cover depends on surface tension, the water in the pool should be filled to the mid-skimmer level. Children, animals, and detritus are effectively kept out of the pool when it is not in use by keeping everyone off the cover. Adopting an automatic pool cover gives you piece of mind and improves your loved ones’ overall safety.
  • Heat – The pool cover serves as a barrier against evaporation when it is shut, reducing heat loss and maintaining the temperature within the pool. Additionally, the autocover interacts with the sun’s rays to naturally heat the pool’s already-present water. Maintaining the proper water temperature can be greatly improved by this insulation and solar heating system. It’s important to note that an automatic pool cover has a genuinely amazing effect on heat retention. The temperature difference between a pool with a cover and one without can be as much as 20 degrees in the absence of a pool heater. This highlights the significant impact an automatic pool cover can have on maintaining a comfortable water temperature.

It’s crucial to have alternatives to control and lower the pool water temperature in instances where it tends to be on the warmer side. A straightforward strategy is to open the pool cover in the early morning, usually between 5 and 8 am, to allow heat to dissipate and the temperature to gradually rise. Aeration can be added by including water features like bubblers, waterfalls, or slides. This promotes the contact of the pool water with the surrounding air, which helps to chill the pool.

Hygiene and Balanced Chemicals

When it comes to maintaining the spotless condition of your pool, elements like precipitation and snowmelt can seriously mess with the chemistry of your pool and leave it in disarray. However, you can successfully alleviate these issues by installing an automatic pool cover.

The capacity of an automatic pool cover to keep melting snow and rainfall at bay and keep them out of the pool is one of its main advantages. These outside water sources run the risk of making the pool dirty by introducing pollutants and upsetting the delicate chemical equilibrium. The pool cover acts as a shield to defend against these factors, preserving the pool’s cleanliness and maintaining the ideal chemical balance.

By making an investment in an automatic pool cover, you can effectively protect the cleanliness and chemical balance of your pool by proactively addressing the problems caused by rainwater, snow melt, leaves, and debris. This not only allows you to enjoy a dazzling and pleasant swimming environment more fully, but it also improves the overall pool experience by saving you significant time and effort.

Water Preserving

Pools can lose as much as 2-4 inches of water every week without the protective screen of a pool cover, which is a startling rate of water loss. Just consider how much water would need to be regularly replenished, week after week, to keep your pool’s water level at the proper level.

Fortunately, the installation of an automatic pool cover results in a notable decrease in water loss. The frequency of swimming and the length of time the pool cover is left open, especially during the hottest times of the day, both affect how much of a reduction there is. Nevertheless, you can be confident that an automatic pool cover will considerably reduce water evaporation and reduce the need for regular replenishing regardless of these factors.

What Are the Disadvantages of Automatic Pool Covers?

  • Winter Upkeep It’s crucial to keep in mind the upkeep requirements of owning an automatic pool cover as winter approaches. Even though the cover itself has many advantages, it needs care in order to function at its best at this time of year.
  • Monitoring the buildup of rainfall and snowmelt on the pool cover is one important component. It’s critical to avoid the development of large, weighty puddles since they can put too much strain on the cover. An electric pump is generally included with the purchase of an automatic pool cover in order to remedy this. This pump efficiently drains snow melt and rainwater, protecting the cover and preserving its integrity.
  • Additionally, some water loss during the cold months is not unusual. This happens when a portion of the pool water is forced into the drain of the automatic pool cover box by the weight of the snow load on the cover. Throughout the winter, it becomes necessary to repeatedly add an inch or two of water to raise the water level. To ensure the pool cover maintains optimal stability, this can be done simply by opening the skimmer lid and using a hose to top off the water level.

Pool Cover Cleaning

The cover will require periodic cleaning to maintain its immaculate appearance and ideal performance. Fortunately, the cleaning procedure is rather easy to complete and only needs a few simple supplies.

Obtain a vinyl pool brush and a tiny bit of dish soap before starting to clean the pool cover. Any accumulated dirt, debris, or grime that may have developed on the cover’s surface can be removed successfully with the help of these equipment.

Depending on personal preferences and environmental factors, the frequency of cleaning your pool cover may change. Even though some pool owners feel it important to clean their covers many times a year, others might only do it once every two years.

It’s important to remember that the color of your pool cover can have a big impact on how clean it appears. Different hues have variable degrees of dirt visibility, thus some tones could look noticeably dirtier than others. As a result, it’s crucial to think about how the color you choose will affect the overall aesthetic and maintenance needs when choosing a pool cover.


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